Team of the Academy


Břeský Tomáš, Ing.

Chairman of the Executive Board

Responsible for communication with member clubs and the Czech Athletics Federation

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Mokrá Šárka, Mgr.

Member of the Executive Board

Responsible for communications, marketing, media, and PR

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Sobčíková Jana, PhDr.

Member of the Executive Board

Responsible for the sporting and technical plans of the KAAO

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Implementation team

The goal of the KAAO is to produce successful athletes who are ready for life. The KAAO provides a holistic approach to the development of the under-26 athlete both on and off the track. In the spirit of the ancient Greek kalokagathia, it aims towards the ideal of a complete human personality – harmony of the mind and the body through sport and education.

The comprehensive support of young athletes on their paths to representation in senior categories at top athletic events and the Olympic Games, as well as in preparation for their employment after the end of their active career, is led by a professional team of experts.

First and second-class coaches with many years of experience are available for sports training. These coaches methodically manage the individual sections, and simultaneously create a platform for the mutual cooperation and development of the personal trainers of the enrolled athletes.

The team for physiotherapy, regeneration, and rehabilitation works on the athletes’ physical condition and health.

This team also provides both comprehensive preventive and acute medical care.

Each athlete is also analysed, advised, and monitored in the area of nutrition for maximum performance.

Allow us to introduce the entire KAAO team below.


Valová Marie, Mgr., Ph. D.

Head coach

The KAAO head coach is responsible for the organisation of the sports training of athletes enrolled in the KAAO, keeping documentation, and managing the activities of KAAO coaches. They also recommend athletes for enrolment in the KAAO, along with determining the amount of support given to these athletes, monitoring the sports performance of KAAO athletes within the Regional Training Centre (RTC) and the academic performance and attendance of athletes, cooperating with athletics clubs and clubs in the Moravian-Silesian Region, as well as with authorised Czech Athletics Federation employees, youth coaches, coaches of sports centres, youth sports centres, the Sports Grammar School, and with partner schools of the KAAO. They prepare the KAAO Activity Plan and the KAAO Activity Evaluation for the RTC.

Kopecký Tomáš

Head Coach of affiliated youth sports centers

Responsible for preparing proposals of potential KAAO members from talented athletes in the Moravian-Silesian Region, in cooperation with sports centres and clubs, and with the coaches of the individual sections. Along with this, he prepares proposals for the appropriate involvement of independent talented pupils in joint KAAO test trainings of given sections. He is also responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the performance of the athletes accepted at the KAAO.

Responsible for affiliated youth sports center athletes and their related agenda.

Fatima Kostková

Head Youth Coach

Responsible for monitoring talented athletes and cooperating with sports centers in the Moravian-Silesian Region in the development of talented pupils, and for providing methodical guidance to coaches, including those from athletics preparatory schools. In her coaching carrier she led the hurdler Michal Husek to the U23 European Championships, and the jumper Lucie Pisková to 3 titles of Czech national champion in her category. Among others the sprinter Milan Ščibráni, a participant in the World Junior Championships, passed through her hands.

She is also responsible for monitoring current trends, innovations, and educational progress in athletics development, and evaluating their applicability to KAAO’s development needs. Participates in the preparation of the KAAO educational agenda.

Head coaches of the sections

The head coaches of the sections are responsible for direct coaching, setting up the functioning of the section, supervising the operation of the section, maintaining the quality of the athletics training in the section, cooperating with the head coach of the youth section, the methodical management of the section, and cooperating with the section coach of the Czech Athletics Federation section.

Duda Aleš


Kysela Martin

Pole vault

Lindovský Vladimír

Shot put, hammer throw, discus throw

Sajdok Stanislav

Combined event competitions

Sobčíková Jana, PhDr.

Sprint hurdling

Šuška Stanislav, Mgr.

Javelin throw

Vlček Jaroslav


Physiotherapy, regeneration, and rehabilitation

Wrona Jakub, Ing. Mgr.

Head of regeneration and rehabilitation

Jakub’s responsibilities are to manage, coordinate, and supervise the system of holistic care for the physical condition of the athletes enrolled in the Regional Athletics Academy in terms of physiotherapy, regeneration, and possibly rehabilitation.

He studied physiotherapy between 2007 and 2014 at the University of Ostrava and the Palacký University in Olomouc, as well as in Scotland, Finland, and the UK. He further gathered his experience in the Beskydy Rehabilitation Centre Čeladná, University Hospital Ostrava, the Ostrava City Hospital, Rehabilitation Institute Hrabyně and Klimkovice spa. Most of his professional career has been in outpatient rehabilitation, and his professional focus is mainly on functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In 2016, he co-founded EliteFyzio Ltd., where he works with external patients interested in actively working on improving themselves. He continuously deepens his knowledge by attending courses conducted by top experts. This is further possible thanks to his position as a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava, where he has been teaching at the Department of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine since 2017. Since 2016, he has been a permanent training staff member of the boys’ national volleyball teams, and participated in the 2017 U19 World Championship and the 2019 U21 World Championship with them. In 2018, he won a silver medal with the U18 team at the European Championship. From 2016 to 2018, he took care of the SBŠ (Sports Basketball School) Ostrava basketball team. He won 2nd place in the U19 category at the 2017 and 2018 World Championship with them. Since 2017, he has also been working with the SSK Vítkovice Athletics Club as a physiotherapist.

Bc. Pavel Perstický

Head of physiotherapy

He graduated in physiotherapy at the University of Ostrava, he is constantly supplementing his education with courses in physical paediatrics, gait examination, fitness training, he has many years of experience in ambulatory physiotherapy and from 2021 he works as the head physiotherapist of the Nandana movement medicine center, where, among other things, he is regularly present at surgeries , solves various diagnoses, follows new surgical methods, orthopedic and rehabilitation issues. His main focus is sports physiotherapy and diagnostics, back, leg and posture problems.

He is a coach III. SPČR fin swimming classes. He further strengthened his connection to sports with his experience as a physiotherapist at the UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championships. He also works with tennis players active in world tournaments. It is available to athletes, coaches and other interested parties from KAAO for regular diagnostics, testing and subsequent selection of compensatory interventions and, of course, for solving acute situations.

Sports and psychological support

Petráš Václav, Mgr.

Head of psychological training

Václav’s responsibility is to work with the athletes of the academy in the field of complex mental preparation. He is available in person and online to help manage competitive pressure, improve concentration, increase performance consistency, build mental toughness, and develop a number of other areas.

He graduated in psychology from the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University in Brno. During his studies, he specialised in the field of sport. Since 2015, he has been working with HC (Hockey Club) Oceláři Třinec, and from 2016 he started working with Czech Hockey concerning, among other things, the implementation of educational seminars for coaches and parents, including teaching at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University. From the 2021/2022 season, he has been providing mental preparation for youth hockey players. As part of his private practice, he cooperates with a number of top athletes and other sports associations and organisations. He is the author of the book Psychologie vítězství (The Psychology of Winning) and produces his own podcast, Performance Psychology in Practice, where he shares tips and advice on the mental aspects of performance with guests from the ranks of successful elite athletes.

Medical care

Kodajová Miroslava, Prim. MUDr.

Guarantor of medical care

Medical care is provided by the Internal Department of AGEL Ostrava-Vítkovice Hospital under the leadership of Senior Doctor MUDr. Miroslava Kodajová. The sports outpatient department provides complex examinations by a physiotherapist, from resting and stress ECGs, ergometry, and spiroergometry, to ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, and hair analysis. Priority neurological, internal medicine, or orthopaedic examinations are available if needed. Blood tests are an integral part of this care.

Stošek Jiří, MUDr.

Head of ortopedical care

Jiří Stošek is the head doctor of Nandana orthopedics. To the services of KAAO, he gives his experience from the work of the club doctor of SFC Opava, the primacy of orthopedics Orlová and other important workplaces. As an operator, he prefers minimally invasive approaches. He also deals with arthroscopic operations of the shoulder, knee, ankle and hand, including reconstructive operations with a focus on sports traumatology. He also specializes in nanoscopic surgeries, especially of the knee joint.

Nutrition advisor

Plačková Olga

Nutritional care guarantor

Nutritional therapists of AGEL Ostrava-Vítkovice Hospital, under the guidance of Olga Plačková, provide comprehensive care for the athlete in the field of nutrition: initial examinations, identification of specific problems, evaluation of blood tests in terms of nutrition with a link to possible dietary supplementation or other supplements according to the identified deficiency, advice on the appropriate choice of diet, nutrients, technological procedures in the preparation of food, and education on an appropriate drinking regime in relation to the type of load and physiological type of athlete. The counselling includes bioimpedance measurements on Tanita scales – measurements of total weight, muscle mass, fat mass, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, water content, current metabolic age, evaluation of measurements over a given timeframe, addressing the current needs of the athlete, and, if necessary, assessments of the most appropriate diet and more. Care includes a comprehensive initial assessment and consultations three times a year regarding nutrition and the quality of nutrition in relation to the relevant training load.

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